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I’m Will and I have an absolute passion for photography of all shapes and sizes. I have lived in the Hertfordshire/Middlesex area all my life and absolutely love it.

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I come from quite a creative background, my mother and father both work in the film industry and despite a love of nature and wildlife (I almost became a Vet/Marine Biologist/Zoologist), I was bound to follow suit. I had always been fascinated by pictures and photos but it wasn’t until University when I finally got my hands on a ‘proper camera’ that I was able to let my creativity flow.

At University I studied TV & Film Design while at the same time I always found ways to perfect my still image work. Something about stills was in many ways more appealing; capturing a single moment in time seemed so much more finite and interesting than a collection of moments that video brought with it. After University I went straight into the film industry working with several major motion pictures on behalf of ARRI such as Skyfall and Game of Thrones while at the same time refining my photography with studio sessions and commissions.

When it comes to weddings, I’m all about people and stories. Everyone is unique and I work hard to present those stories back to you through my images.

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In my spare time I enjoy scuba diving, slacklining, running and cycling in the Hertfordshire hills. I love movies especially Comedy and SciFi and I love the outdoors. More importantly I love light and capturing it. That’s all photography is, light, bouncing off of things and being captured by our cameras. I enjoy shaping it and manipulating it in ways in which I can create a unique image, one that is special to me and whoever may view it.

Thank you for looking at my site, and feel free to contact me at any point. I am located in Watford, Hertfordshire but travel all over the UK and abroad for wedding photography and commissions.


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