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Now and again I think everyone should get a chance to have some of the more exciting/exotic things that a lot of photographers like to put a nice big premium on. To celebrate the relaunch of my new site I’m excited to be able to offer the following offers below:


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Why do I offer FREE engagement shoots? Why not?! It’s a fantastic way to get to know the couple before we meet on one of the  busiest days of your lives. It’ll help us both, for you to see my style, and for me to see your personalities, so I can immediately get thinking about how best I can personalise your shoot on your wedding day. So get in touch and lets discuss how how we can bring the best out of you and your day.

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Why do I offer a FREE Photo Booth with your wedding. Plain and simple, as much as I love being away from the studio, sometimes its nice to bring the studio with me, and with it the fun and quality that you’d come to expect from a professional shoot. Please note due to time commitments on the day I can only offer the FREE Photo Booth if we can agree to a set time to do it in the day if I am the only photographer. If however you wish to go for the paid Photo Booth option I will bring a second photographer for the that section of the day. Either way, contact me and lets have a good chat about you and your day.

Offers | Will Loyd-Holmes | WLH WEDDINGS | Hertfordshire Wedding Photographer


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